How To Flirt Via Text – Spice Up Your Day With These Flirty Texts

Text messages are a very important mode of communication. These days, just about everyone communicates using texts unless you live completely off the grid.

Although texts are good modes of communication for almost all kinds of situations, they can go a long way to enhance relationships. There is no better way to communicate romantically than using text messages.  Do it right and you can quickly and easily text romance back into your relationship.

Woman Sending Flirty Texts To Her ManThey are fast, convenient, and a fun way to flirt. It is however important to note that they can have a negative effect if you don’t proceed with care.

Before you start sending texts to a potential date, it is important to understand how to use texts effectively when flirting since a wrong approach can have a devastating effect.

One of the most important things to note is what kind of texter you are. It’s easy to discover what kind of texter you are by taking a quick look at your outbox.

Your focus should be assessing how your own texts make you feel. For instance, would you be excited to receive your own messages? Are they fun? Are they flirty? If your answer is yes to all these questions, you are in the right track.

Below are 4 common texting situations and how you can use flirty texts to get the most out of every interaction.

1. Saying hello

Hello texts are the most frequently sent texts in any language. They may take any form i.e. what’s up? Hey you, how’s it going etc.

You should try adding some gist to set yourself apart. For instance, instead of texting what’s up, send something like:

  • What’s up beautiful/handsome. Still turning heads everywhere you go?
  • Hey you! Stop pretending you don’t miss me

The aim here is to make your texts so unique, fun, and flirty at the same time that it becomes hard for your recipient to forget you.

2. Requesting a date/making plans

Another common texting reason is to ask for a date or to make plans. Most people fail in this situation by being too aggressive, eager, and plain.

You shouldn’t send plain texts if you want to set yourself apart. You should ask indirectly. You should also avoid being too aggressive since it makes you look desperate and pushy.

Don’t focus on quick confirmations. If he or she doesn’t reply immediately don’t send another text.

Good examples of flirty texts for making plans include:

  • Where’d you go? Aliens get you again?
  • Hey there, I know you miss my company. My place, 7pm?
  • Come over and kiss me like you mean it.

You can always include smiley faces and winks at the end of your texts to make it more obvious you are flirting.

3. Let’s get it on

Texts are perfect for increasing sexual heat. However, a poorly thought out text will have the opposite effect.

First and foremost, you need to know where your relationship stands. For instance, if you aren’t already having sex, don’t imply that you are when texting.

Be creative and play with words. Nothing too explicit or direct.

Examples include:

  • If you think I’m innocent, just wait until you get me behind closed doors. 😉
  • Think you’re man/woman enough to handle me tonight? 😉
  • I’m coming over, but don’t you dare try to cuddle with me again. I bite. 😉

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4. Complimenting

Let’s face it! Everyone loves to be complimented provided it’s genuine.

To send flirty compliments when texting, personalize your compliments by adding your personality. You can say something like:

  • You’re a goof. That’s why I can’t let anyone else have you.
  • If you weren’t so damn cute, it’d be easier to say goodnight.

Learning how to flirt via text isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Just remember, flirting should be FUN! So infuse your messages with a little bit of personality, and you’re sure to leave a memorable and lasting impression.